I’m watching a grand total of one series this season.
If it stays this good, one will be enough.


as Clark Kent
Kristen Kreuk as
Lana Lang
as Lex Luthor
as Lionel
Annette O’Toole
as Martha Kent
John Schneider
as Jonathan Kent
Jason Teague

Guest starring Margot
Bridgette Crosby, and Erica
as Lois

Written by Alfred
and Miles

Directed by Greg

Original Airdate

originally aired on Wednesday,
September 22, 2004.


Lois Lane, coming to Smallville to look into her
cousin’s death, finds
Clark naked in a cornfield suffering from amnesia.
From there, we see
that Jonathan is still in a coma, Lex has survived
but requires
frequent medical care, Lionel will probably walk when
he comes to
trial, Dr. Swann has been talking to his staff, and
Jor-El has managed
to get a pretty good hold on Clark.

High Point

Is there anyone John Glover can’t generate perfect
chemistry with?
Erica Durance had some weak moments in this episode,
but her scene
with Glover just worked perfectly, as do Rosenbaum’s
scenes with
Glover. Has John Glover ever been in a scene in this
show that didn’t

Low Point

That last line of dialogue isn’t necessarily the
conclusion I’d jump
to. (My first instinct, given what we knew of the
situation, would
have been “there mustn’t have been enough left.”)

I should mention that I’m giving the show some
breathing room. The
black kryptonite seems to be pretty convenient, and I
wonder how they
knew it would work. They may be able to neatly
explain this when we
learn more about Dr. Swann, so I didn’t choose that

The Review

The introduction of Lois has really generated a new
original feel for the series. Homage is
paid to some major
events in the history of the character, but it
doesn’t feel like
outright duplication. I give it 5 out of 6.

The effects were well done, and there were a
lot of them to
fit into this hour. I give it 6 out of 6.

The story was very well done. My only
complaint was the
sappy scene. Yes, it’s appropriate to the
characters, but it’s a
completely different tone than the rest of the
episode, and it just
doesn’t fit. Personally, I’d have gone without
dialogue, and just had
Clark and Martha walk in together, and move directly
to the group hug
in seconds. The questioning about Clark’s abilities
could have been
wrapped up later, possibly in next week’s episode. I
give it 5 out of

The acting has improved. Tom Welling’s
Clark is still stiff,
but that was appropriate for Kal-El. Long time
readers will know that
I have been underwhelming by Kristen Kreuk in the
past, but this week,
she did a really good job. Her interaction with
Jensen Ackles was
extremely natural. Erica Durance had a couple of
stiff moments, but
several good ones as well. I give it 5 out of 6.

The emotional response was very good. These
people know how
to tell a story, and how to build momentum going into
a new season.
Very well done. I give it 6 out of 6.

The production was another aspect that was
well done. I was
extremely pleased to see the letterbox broadcast.
(That was almost my
high point.) There have been times in the past when
the truncation of
the picture was very obvious, and now, that’s not an
issue. (Now if
only my cable company would add the WB to the HD
stations they offer.)
Mark Snow’s score was fantastic, really nailing every
I give it 5 out of 6.

Overall, this was a fantastic season
premier. Let’s just
hope that they can keep this up. I give it 5 out of

In total,
out of 42.