The Simpsons See D’oh

I know I stole the headline from this article but it was just too good to pass up. The Simpsons cast have all been signed for two more seasons, which should keep them on the air ’til about 2004. (I may be off by a year here, but at any rate we’ll still be laughing for a while.)

2 replies on “The Simpsons See D’oh”

  1. How long will this show last?
    A lot of us old-time Simpson vets will bitch and moan how the show has gone downhill, but when you think about it, it’s amazing the show is as quality as it is after so long a time. To think that this show could possibly go 14 or 15 seasons? Incredible.

    Now, if Fox will only do us fans a favor, and start releasing entire season DVD sets of the first few seasons, like the X-Files releases. Mmmmm….Complete Season 3 and 4 Simpsons…..*Drool*

  2. Older Episodes
    A DVD box set would be a GREAT thing, especially since The Simpsons is rarely in sydnication anymore (at least around here) and many of its younger fans have seen the classic episodes where we learn of the origins of characters like Sideshow Bob and the whole thing with the head of Jebediah Springfield. I hope, however, that Fox includes plenty of extras as Miramax did on the Clerks: The Animated Series DVD, like cast interviews, comentary from Matt, and making of specials. But since this is a good idea, I doubt Fox will go for it. Major media corporations never like good ideas like giving the fans what they want.

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