7 replies on “Greatest Science Fiction Novel Tournament – Week 16, Round One”

  1. Big fat goose egg for me on this one, but “All You Need Is Kill” is on my To-Read list after watching Edge of Tomorrow/Live. Die. Repeat.

    • Likewise, and it seems to be a common problem with this tournament. Even with a reasonable number of well read titles making it through to the brackets, we’re still going to end up with a lot more situations where we’ll be deciding between pairs without firsthand experience with one or both options than ideal – especially in the first few rounds. Is there going to be a specific option for dealing this in the brackets, or is there a preferred method of voting that shouldn’t skew things too much?

        • Works for me. I’ve usually read a few on each round, so it’s going to depend how many of those I’ve read get through to the brackets (sees like most) and how they fall, but I’m still expecting a few I haven’t read to easily make it through the first few rounds, especially from some popular serials that didn’t appeal to me.

          On the upside, when that happens (and I’m sure it will) that’s probably a sign I ought to maybe reconsider that decision…

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