Greatest Science Fiction Novel Tournament: Week 26, Round Two

The next round of bracketed voting takes place here. My schedule should settle down enough to prepare all brackets in advance on Labour Day and share the link in next week’s column.

2 replies on “Greatest Science Fiction Novel Tournament: Week 26, Round Two”

  1. Hmmm. This is going to be “interesting”. Which to pick in a match between one I’ve read and one I haven’t? “No opinion” is technically correct, I suppose. I wonder how many will make the choice based on whether they liked the one they have read. The theory being if you didn’t like it, the one you haven’t read is probably better.

    • Logical, and the way I’m looking at it too but with a slight twist in that there’s also the scenario of one that you’ve read vs. one that you’ve heard of but deliberately decided not to read (or add to your reading list) for whatever reason. In that case, and assuming you enjoyed the one you did read, then I think it would actually be quite valid to vote for the one that you decided was worth the time to read over the one that you decided wasn’t worth the effort.

      I haven’t had to deal with a scenario of a book I didn’t like in a tie yet, so I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it – there are two, IIRC, but maybe they’ll come up against books I did like and I’ll avoid the issue entirely. “No Opinion” does seem like the best choice to make though since I can’t down vote what I thought to be a bad book and have no idea whether my opinion of the other might be any better or worse.

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