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    • …before everything else. He already had it, he just had such a huge bin of movies and someone else had to sort through them to decide what he should watch. It’s like when you and your spouse spend thirty minutes driving around saying “but where do you want to go?” to each other.

      • jethro@mediaserver # ls /media/movies/unwatched | wc -l

        I guess I know the feeling (;

        However, I’m still going to have to issue him a citation. That movie came out in 1983, for goodness sake!

        • Ha ha!

          And just what are your 84 movies that you feel justified in issuing citations?

          (Actually, I’m just curious what else those options are. My Unwaatched list is both John Wicks and half of MT3k The Return. And stuff that’s not out yet.)

          • Let’s see, what IS in there…

            Ok, all the Dirty Harry movies except the first one, a bunch of obscure martial arts movies that I got while trying to find one I actually wanted, Alien: Covenant (which I may never watch), the original The Manchurian Candidate, Robinson Crusoe on Mars and some other old classic SciFi which I should be issued a citation for, mostly stuff like that.

            There are also things int here I have watched, but many years ago, or like you stuff that’s not really out yet. Wonder Woman is going to be in there pretty soon, for example.

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