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  1. Kryptonsite has a nice tribute page
    On the main page, there’s a nice tribute which goes:

    “But most will remember this sad day as the day the proudest, most noble man they ever knew finally fell. For those who loved him — one who would call him husband, one who would be his pal, or those who would call him son — this is the darkest day they could ever imagine. They raised him to be a hero: to know the value of sacrifice, to know the value of life. And for those who served with Superman in the protection of all life comes the shock of a failure: the weight of being too late to help. For a city to live, a man had given his all and more. But it’s too late. For this is the day that a Superman died.” – Superman #75, 1992 (written by Dan Jurgens)

  2. In the end, it’s not what you do, but who you are
    You will be missed, but never forgotten by those you’ve inspired – Rest in Peace, Mr. Reeve

  3. Up…Up….and away………….
    Mr. Reeves was one actor who, in real life, lived up to his well known big screen role. Definitely a hero and a super man!

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