Fox DVD Sale in America

Some time ago, we told you about a Fox TV DVD sale
that hit Canadian retailers, with prices that were
over 50% off. Now, is reflecting similar
prices for the first seasons of 24,
(which I picked up in the Canadian sale and will
review soonish), Roswell,
, Buffy
the Vampire Slayer
, King
of the Hill
, and MASH.
(The Canadian sale included Dark Angel,
which I’ll eventually review, Firefly, and
pretty much every other first season Fox show. The sale doesn’t seem to be doing this.) At
any rate, they have a quantity cap on them, but for
$14.99, it’s hard to say no to those you don’t
already own. If I had any Christmas shopping left to
do, this would finish it. (Well, fine, I still have
my father left to buy for, but the rest is done.)

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  1. First Seasons
    I’m waiting. Waiting for all the seasons to come out in one big box set. Why? Because of the Monty Python’s Flying Circus DVDs. I bought them in the two-packs. Problem is, it took me forever to find one of the two-packs. And then just after I found it, they released the whole shebang in one big box set, all 14 DVDs. Since then, I’ve played the waiting game on most shows. Blackadder, Are You Being Served?, and so on, waited on all of them until the big boxed set was out. Will Futurama get there? I hope so. Same with Family Guy and Red Dwarf. And maybe they’ll put Clone Wars on a single DVD. But I just won’t buy a series piecemeal anymore.

    C’mon, Fox, Futurama is out of production. Where’s my box set?

    Of course, The Simpson’s box set (yes, I’ll buy it when they go out of production as well) will require an addition to my house.

    • Re: First Seasons

      C’mon, Fox, Futurama is out of production. Where’s my box

      The multi-season sets from Fox all seem to be designed to
      let you catch up on previously released seasons. For
      Futurama, there’s a set of
      the first three volumes
      that came out the same day as
      fourth and final volume.
      I wouldn’t bet on seeing a
      combined box set.

      I just watched episode 10 of 13 in volume one, by the way.
      There should be a review by the end of the week.

      • Re: First Seasons
        Well . . . OK, at least all the volumes are out now. On to the christmas list it goes. And since I ended up with a birthday a mere two weeks after christmas, the last volume makes for a nice, cheap follow-up gift.

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