Greatest Science Fiction Novel Tournament – Week 30, Round 2

The latest round of voting takes place here, and the brackets with the results to date can be seen here.

5 replies on “Greatest Science Fiction Novel Tournament – Week 30, Round 2”

  1. lost says:

    WTF is with the sudden requirement for an email address?

    • Sorry. I was aiming for the “limit to 1 response” box and clicked the wrong one. It’s fixed now. The email addresses that have been submitted thus far will be discarded from my dataset.

      • zocalo says:

        And here I was thinking I’d over estimated our little community and someone had been caught ballot stuffing. Good to know my confidence wasn’t misplaced! :)

        • Actually, I did catch someone ballot stuffing two tournaments ago. That’s why you have to be logged in to Google and can only submit once but can edit again in the future.

  2. JG says:

    Also wondering about the email address thing.

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