7 replies on “Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992) – Make Me Watch It #10”

    • I successfully downloaded this from the Make Me Watch It and Master feeds on iTunes earlier today. I’m not sure what problems you are seeing.

      Is anyone else having this issue?

      • I’m listening to it now on RSS.

        I recall this film from when it came out. Not bad. Very uneven.
        And yeah, as you say, Keanu is the weak link. His Harker has the personality of canned tuna.

        Some year we should do a Dracula-off comparison of some sort.

        • And I went back to look, and I am not seeing the problem I was seeing earlier. Either someone handwaved it away, or I was mistaken in a way I can’t explain any way other than just being nearly fatally uncaffeinated.

        • I love the idea of a Dracula-off. I own this, Nosferatu, the English and Spanish versions of the 1931 film, and possibly more that don’t immediately spring to mind. I have more versions of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, though.

          • I own those versions of Dracula and I’ve seen the Frank Langella, about two-thirds of the Christopher Lee ones. and the awful Jack Palance portrayal, not to mention multiple versions of this. The only Jekyll/Hyde I own is John Barrymore’s silent version, which is pretty creepy.

            I’m not sure what format it will take, but we have to work something out with the concept.

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