DC Television Week 2 Discussion

Our heroes have returned, and face low powered psychics, homicidal technopaths, bearded ladies, saber toothed tiger, and local government. (Episode descriptions below the cut.)

(Synopsis cut and pasted from Trakt.com.)


Supergirl – Triggers – Psi, a thief with psychic powers, attacks National City. Able to immobilize people by tapping into their worst fears, Psi proves a formidable opponent for Supergirl. Meanwhile, James and Lena are at an impasse, and Samantha starts her new job at L-Corp.

The Flash – Mixed Signals – Barry has his hands full when he takes on a dangerous meta who can control technology, while also confronting an obstacle in his personal life: the ramifications of abandoning Iris for six months to balance the Speed Force. Meanwhile, Gypsy breaches in for a hot date with Cisco, but she gets annoyed when his work keeps them apart.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – Freakshow – The Legends find themselves in 1870 to fix the anachronism which happens to be at P.T. Barnum’s fledgling circus. However, Nate and Ray accidently free a saber toothed tiger, creating a bigger problem. Meanwhile, P.T. Barnum is on the hunt to capture Nate and Ray to make his show even more exciting for the crowd.

Arrow – TributeThis isn’t an Arrow writeup, this is just a tribute.  Oliver tries to balance being the mayor, the Green Arrow and a father to William. Anatoly returns to Star City with a deadly agenda.

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  1. I think Supergirl wins the Best Acting award this week.

    Arrow is still heading waaay downhill after the amazing recovery season 5 was – although in all the plot-quagmire I almost forgot there were some really good fight scenes with obvious not-stuntpeople on occasion.

    Legends is still the show you watch for the funny bits more than anything else. I’m a bit disappointed Sarah and what’s her name didn’t resolve their fight. More than likely they’ll fight again, but also more than likely those two will end up on the same side. And knowing what network this show is on, in a relationship.

    I think that about covers it.

    Oh yeah, stuff happened on The Flash.

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