All Souls (5×17) – X-Files Retrospective Podcast #122

The latest episode of the X-Files Retrospective podcast, covering , is now available here for your listening pleasure. I tried something different in the recording process to eliminate echoes from the wall behind the microphone with this, and it worked in that respect. Unfortunately, it changed the shape of the waveform enough that my usual production settings now make fading to silence much more abrupt, and I lack the time needed to adjust it today. I’ll get it sorted out before next week’s return, I promise. Intro and outro music attribution is below. You can also follow the show from its own feed (RSS, iTunes, Stitcher) or through the Bureau 42 Master Audio Feed (RSS, iTunes, Stitcher).

Creative Commons License Outside Poolside by Lasswell is licensed under a Attribution Noncommercial (3.0).