Weekly DVD Picks

The releases for this week (November 2) are below.
In other news, the release date for the fifth and
final season of Angel has just been
announced as February 15.

First, the genre releases:

Then, the non-genre releases:

2 replies on “Weekly DVD Picks”

  1. Fast Times
    Just a correction that Cameron Crowe wrote Fast Times at Ridgemont High, based on his book. Heckerling merely directed the movie (though she did a great job nonetheless). As a sidenote, the commentary on the initial DVD release is the longest (relative to the movie itself) I’ve ever heard as Crowe and Heckerling talk for a good 5-10 minutes after the credits end and all you see is black…

  2. “Shrek 2” update

    I made a mistake the in Shrek 2 release date. It
    does come out this week, but on Friday, November 5, not
    Tuesday, November 2 like the rest of these releases.

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