Greatest Science Fiction Hero Tournament: Week One, Round One

The first round of voting in the Greatest Science Fiction Hero Tournament takes place here. Check back every Saturday through 2018 for more chances to vote.

9 replies on “Greatest Science Fiction Hero Tournament: Week One, Round One”

  1. Yes! Another tournament.

    Question, will this all be TV and movie heroes, or will it include literary heroes not represented in other media yet?

    • This year is TV and movies, some of which may have been adapted from print. I’m also compiling a list from literature for a future year, but that will be at least two years away, as next year will feature the greatest villains of TV and movie sci-fi instead.

    • I’m looking forwards to this one too, but the question seems a little vague. Are we to make up our own minds on what the exact criteria are so the eventually winner will hopefully be a very rounded character? For instance some of the characters are simply brave/honorable, while others are better role models, more likeable, and others are really just victims of circumstance and didn’t really get much choice in what they had to do.

        • That’s kind of what I figured but thought I’d check it wasn’t just an oversight first. Should make for some interesting bracket results later on… :)

          • So Spider-Man, who is clearly a better hero, would win a tournament round against an Infinity Gauntlet wielding Adam Warlock, even though that’s not the way an actual battle would go.

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