It’s a light week for the genre. Also, there’s a
slight format change this week; details below.

I’m doing things a bit differently this week. Most
genre and
non-genre releases will be listed as usual, but the
one item that I
think is really fantastic, and the one product you
should get if you
buy only one new release this week, will be listed
seperately after
the other lists. This “pick of the week” may or may
not be genre.

The genre releases include:

  • Blade
    pack: This has Blade and Blade II.
    Add in The
    , and it would include every recent
    Marvel adaptation
    I’ve never seen.
  • Ju-On
    : This is the original Japanese version.
    It may be worth a
    comparison to the recent remake.
  • Stepford
    : Yet another summer release I haven’t had a
    chance to see

Now, the non-genre releases include:

Finally, my pick for the best product coming out this
week is the Fritz
Lang Epic
, which contains Metropolis,
, Woman in the Moon, and
Spies. It’s
a Kino International release, including the fully
restored version of
the dystopian Metropolis, which I plan to
review shortly.
Lang was a fantastic early director who was
remarkably innovative.
I’d love to get my hands on more of his stuff.