DC Television Week 20 Discussion

This week, the disasters, climaxes, and seasons reach their peak before they Don’t Continue for the summer.  We see the Flash finally return as our Legends wrap up their season, Black Lightning gives us the penultimate episode for its inaugural season.  On Legends, we see everything you’d predict from a season finale.  Flash shows us how different Barry and Ralph are.  Black Lightning sets up our Tobias fight.  Krypton has Seg consider joining terrorists.  Arrow shows us just how much Oliver is screwing up.

[All synopses (and titles) from Trakt.tv below the cut.  (If a show’s synopsis is a spoiler to you, do not click More…)]

Lucifer – S03E20 – The Angel of San Bernardino – Returning on April 16, 2018. – Lucifer and Chloe investigate a murder during which a witness claims a winged guardian angel saved her life, causing Lucifer to become paranoid about his own actions. Meanwhile, Pierce and Chloe’s relationship takes an interesting turn and Lucifer discovers something that could change everything.

Supergirl – S03E14 – Schott Through the Heart – Returning on April 16, 2018. – When Winn’s father dies, his estranged mother, Mary, reappears trying to reconnect and to explain why she abandoned him all those years ago. Winn is too embittered from his rough childhood to forgive her but when a copycat Toyman attacks, the two must work together to stop him. Mon-El tells Kara something important about the Worldkillers, and Alex becomes suspicious of Myr’nn’s recent behavior.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – S03E18 – The Good, The Bad and The Cuddly – Season Finale – The Legends plan to vanquish Mallus by using the totems doesn’t go as planned, forcing Rip to improvise. The team finds itself regrouping in the Wild West where they run into their old pal Jonah Hex. Sara leaves Ray in charge of watching Damien Darhk, while she comes up with a new plan. Meanwhile, Amaya is determined to find a way to use the totems to destroy Mallus.

The Flash – S04E17 – Null and Annoyed – Barry and Ralph take different approaches to finding the remaining bus metas before DeVoe gets to them. However, Ralph’s cavalier attitude frustrates Barry and the two clash over what it means to be a hero. Meanwhile, Breacher returns to ask Cisco for a favor.

Black Lightning – S01E12 – The Resurrection and the Light: The Book of Pain – Tobias returns to Freeland. He is tasked to capture – not kill – Black Lightning with the help of an unexpected source. After a battle of epic proportions, Anissa and Jennifer provide surprising aid.

Krypton – S01E04 – The Word of Rao – (on Syfy) – Seg is approached by a Black Zero leader as Rao finds a scapegoat for the failed Rankless Initiative.

Arrow – S06E18 – Fundamentals – In his darkest place yet, Oliver wonders if he has failed at everything – being a father, a mayor and a hero. His frustration rising, Oliver lashes out at Felicity and William. A surprising visit from an old friend has Oliver questioning his next move.


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  1. I hurried up to post this when watching Legends because I had to share my wife’s response to the Totems, “You have to use then together, don’t you watch My Little Pony!”

    That said, the show was frighteningly over the top, but so much fun. The things that happen were predicable, yet there were still plenty of surprises. At the end, we first expected Rip to be what the totems pulled out, (because you can’t actually kill Rory) and when we saw it was a giant thing, we figured it was the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. The actual thing was such a perfect call back, was so over the top, and was an excellent capper for the season. Legends was some of the most fun of all of the DC shows, I was impressed with how well it turned out. Bonus SPOILER showed up to tease next season!

    • I think you left something off your second spoiler. Since I don’t watch the teasers, I don’t know what you’re talking about anyway.

      I also had that initial expectation. Afterwards, I was wondering how they got past the lawyers. Between (I always mess this up) BeeBo’s general appearance and the actual reference to a Care Bear Stare, I would have expected copyright/trademark concerns.

      • I left my second spoiler like that because if you know already, you don’t need it, if you don’t know, I doubt you care, and if you are vaguely aware, the scene plays out much better without me saying it early. :)

  2. From Flash: Sweet DC Comics reference for the win. Or something. And I was a bit disappointed that the one security guard didn’t have some profound comment near the end but I suppose that would have maybe been a bit too on the nose.

    • I’d have been perfectly fine with one of the security guards breaking the fourth wall. ;-)

      It was cool to see that.

      Also, Legends was so gloriously over the top. That was awesome!!! I remarked to my daughter who watches the show with me that the effects folks must have gone “what the hell?!?” when asked to create that epic final battle.

  3. I called it with Arrow, down to the specific substance. My wife asked how I could call it so specifically, and my answer was only “Lazy writing”. :(

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