Weekly DVD Picks

These are some of the titles due for release on
Tuesday, November 16.

First, the genre releases:

Now, the non-genre releases:

Finally, my pick of the week is Buffy
the Vampire
Slayer – The Complete Seventh Season
: This set
completes the run
of the show. It wasn’t as good as some of the
previous seasons, but
it did have some very good moments. (Spike on the
cross for one, and
the montage of “awakenings” for another.) I will
pick this up
eventually, but I can’t afford it right away. I’m
half way through
watching season five on DVD, so that review should be
coming in the
not-too-distant future.

5 replies on “Weekly DVD Picks”

  1. Gift For Grandma
    Finally! I didn’t really want to get her SG1 again (at least not by itself) because after two years of it she could think I’m not doing enough work finding her Christmas gifts (true!). I can remember like it was yesterday her bitter lament about Buck Rogers being cancelled (once they went out on the Asimov, even beting a little kid, I knew it had jumped ye olden shark) and I know she’ll be jazzed to see the series again. The other show I remember her ranting about was Sledge Hammer!, but we’ve already gotten her that one. :)

    I’m not entirely a good grandson, though. At the very least, the discs containing the first season of BR25C (hip, huh?) will have been watched once before being wrapped – QC check, eh?

  2. Missed one

    I missed a release that’s not on Amazon.com’s listings.
    Farscape: The Starburst Edition Vol. 1 also ships
    this week. It’s a lower cost release of the first seven
    episodes. The second Starburst Edition is due on January
    18. Owning the series is now financially reasonable.

  3. Get “The Office”
    You won’t be disappointed. The Office is one of the best commedies from the last twenty years and the writers should never be short for work. Simply spendid!

    Then again, maybe I’m biased as I had David Brent as my manager once and wished I was there when he was fired (I’d left a few weeks earlier) – its just scary how similar this idiot was to Brent, everything down to the mannerisms like twiddling with his tie. Bye-bye Bryan!


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