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  1. I’ll come right out and say it…
    I don’t like it. I don’t like the premise and I don’t like Bakula. Will I watch? Yes. I’ll try to keep an open mind but the whole idea seems dumb. Not to mention so much cannon has been filled that they are going to have a ton of continuity problems.

    I just have a bad feeling about this. Maybe Trek has completely run out of steam. Maybe the powers that be need a wake up call. Only time will tell I suppose.

  2. Bakula
    I *love* Scott Bakula. My boss tried to tell me last month that they’d already confirmed that Sulu would be the captain and so obviously Scott Bakula would not be the captain. I’m a little confused on that, but hell, I’m happy to see Bakula back in a steady role… he’s been guest starred in a number of series, and in a few movies since the end of Quantum Leap (which they left open for a movie they never did *grumble*).

  3. Re: Previous comments
    I think mob has a few good points. The continuity people are either going to have to ask for major changes in many scripts, or be ignored. Star Trek hasn’t been great for continuity, but setting this in the past is asking for trouble. At least a ship from the future going to the past to hunt down a criminal would allow them to change history in a consistent way. Remember Ben Sisko and Julian Bashir trapped in Earth’s past? I think Sisko had to impersonate Gabriel Bell. That was a well written episode, which could be used as a model for the entire series. The ship would really need a Federation Cloaking device (perhaps from far enough in the future that the treaties prohibiting it were no longer in effect) to keep the advanced technology off the scanners, but it could work.

    On the other hand, I like Scott Bakula. AICN is reporting that he’s had a lot of input on the early scripts which is being listened to, which could be a good thing. For the most part, he’s chosen some great scripts to work from, so he should be beneficial to the series offscreen as well as on.

    As for the Sulu series, there has been a fan movement pushing for it for years, and George Takei has said he’s interested, but the Powers That Be have never said it would happen.

  4. I still think it’s all fake!
    I think they are still faking it. The idea and premise seems too silly and too implausible. Here’s hoping that Star Trek: Romulan will be the series!

  5. Echo
    I agree with theangrymob. Be very afraid.

    And I agree with fiziko. They are really going to need some sci-fi writers that know how to handle large universes with many constrains and variables. People that know how to make a plot arc.

    On the brighter sides: Sexy Vulcan = Good, Translator Officer could provide nice liquistic confusion–more realistic than “this magic piece of jewelry lets us talk”–, and something approximating a military looking presence on board might be nice (I’ve always thought there should be some space marines).

    As for Sulu series…. Now that is a really bad idea. Building a show just to include a gimick.

  6. Sounds somewhat gimmicky
    What makes me nervous about this premise is that it sounds like the ideas and the crew and the backgrounds and such were slapped together with comments like “yeah, that’d be neat”. The “sexy vulcan” in particular gives me shivers, and not in a good way. But the descriptions for most of these characters doesn’t bode well in my mind.

    (I didn’t read all the character overviews here. I read them at this TrekToday page.)

    On the other hand, these are just promotional overviews. The original promo descriptions for the Babylon 5 characters were actually scarier. Now, I rather doubt these Trek writers have anywhere near the same kind of character development plans as Joe “The Great Maker” Straczynski did (and in fact I’ll be (pleasantly) shocked if they have anything beyond superficial development planned), but I still have hope, and I’m willing to give this a chance.

    Maybe it’ll turn out more like (later) DS9, and less like Vger… (I can dream, can’t I?)

  7. It is real…
    I can’t find a press release (or any good info at all) on the paramount site http://www.paramount.com, but their current ‘Latest News’ story says that Bakula will be the captain.

    ‘Scott Bakula has been cast as Captain Jonathan Archer in “Enterprise,” the lead in the latest “Star Trek” series. His character is a renegade who is not afraid to question orders or disobey them if he feels in his gut that he is right.’

    Looks like they’ve got their stock character descriptions out again…

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