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  1. zocalo says:

    Hmm. “Anakin Skywalker”. Tough one. That really depends on whether you take that to include Darth Vader, or accept a “certain point of view” that he died when he fell and became Vader. Either way a deeply flawed, albeit interesting, character so I can’t go with the “Above Average” rating, but I’m going to assume we are just talking about the events leading up to his fall and go with a (still rather generous, IMHO) “Average”.

    • My threshold was “If you said ‘This comic/show/movie is **character**’s story.” would I want to read/see it? If yes: Above Average. If I avoid it because of that detail, Below Average.

      • zocalo says:

        I guess that is kind of the same thing I was considering when I put “deeply flawed, albeit interesting” on one side of the scales. Ultimately though, my feeling was that while a hero should be tempted with an easier path (and maybe even take a few steps along it) they need to stick to their guns. And yes, that’s going to be problematic with anti-heroes or heroic figures from the other side, so context has to play a part as well, I think.

        The rest really depends on how you feel about how he was written and portrayed in the prequels and Clone Wars. In my case I never found the character all that likeable as a person (I’m not actually sure if that was the intent or not though), hence the “Average”.

        • My biggest issue voting was that the live action feature film Anakin is Below Average in my opinion, but the animated Clone Wars Anakin is above average.

  2. Jethro says:

    Kinda off-topic (well, entirely off topic) but are we not doing a Deadpool 2 review?

  3. Brian says:

    There was something wrong with my survey. The options for Sisko topped out at “Above Average” when clearly the correct option is “God-like.”

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