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  1. Hmm. “Anakin Skywalker”. Tough one. That really depends on whether you take that to include Darth Vader, or accept a “certain point of view” that he died when he fell and became Vader. Either way a deeply flawed, albeit interesting, character so I can’t go with the “Above Average” rating, but I’m going to assume we are just talking about the events leading up to his fall and go with a (still rather generous, IMHO) “Average”.

    • My threshold was “If you said ‘This comic/show/movie is **character**’s story.” would I want to read/see it? If yes: Above Average. If I avoid it because of that detail, Below Average.

      • I guess that is kind of the same thing I was considering when I put “deeply flawed, albeit interesting” on one side of the scales. Ultimately though, my feeling was that while a hero should be tempted with an easier path (and maybe even take a few steps along it) they need to stick to their guns. And yes, that’s going to be problematic with anti-heroes or heroic figures from the other side, so context has to play a part as well, I think.

        The rest really depends on how you feel about how he was written and portrayed in the prequels and Clone Wars. In my case I never found the character all that likeable as a person (I’m not actually sure if that was the intent or not though), hence the “Average”.

        • My biggest issue voting was that the live action feature film Anakin is Below Average in my opinion, but the animated Clone Wars Anakin is above average.

  2. There was something wrong with my survey. The options for Sisko topped out at “Above Average” when clearly the correct option is “God-like.”

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