5 replies on “Greatest Science Fiction Hero Tournament: Week 12, Round One”

  1. AveryRegier says:

    Can anyone compete with Donna for annoying companions?

    • Donna I liked. Clara didn’t do it for me. My wife loved Clara, though, and didn’t like Rose. Rose, I preferred…


    • Can anyone beat Mel Bush for annoying companions?

      Well, I guess maybe Dodo Chaplet…

    • zocalo says:

      Of the revival, I’d say Donna was probably the one I found most annoying too – didn’t “click” with her at all, although the Paternoster Gang Strax isn’t too far behind. Dodo Chaplet was before I started watching (often from behind the sofa, as was traditional for pre-teens) and I’ve only seen her in a handful of serials so I’ll have to give Mel my vote for most annoying Companion from the original seasons.

      Now there’s a thought for a set of brackets; a “Worst X” rather then “Best X”, or maybe a “Best Antagonist”?

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