For some reason, I’m now consistently finding more
time on Saturdays than on Sundays to get this column
ready. Enjoy the offerings for November 30; there
aren’t too many of them, but they’re good ones.

First, the genre releases:

Now, the non-genre releases:

Yes, that’s really it. I think most DVD
manufacturers looked at the
predicted sales for the pick of the week and decided
they’d be better
off releasing products in December, to be prominently
displayed as new
releases when the Christmas shopping starts.

Finally, the entirely predictable pick of the week.
is out on DVD, just in time for Christmas.
You can choose from
four editions: there’s the butchered
, the widescreen
, the Superbit
and the deluxe
gift set
, a four disk collection including a
reprint of
Amazing Spider-Man #50, an art portfolio of
over 25 different
artists, postcards of the movie posters, and more. I
bought the
corresponding gift box for the first
Spider-Man (because it
was cheaper than buying the widescreen edition and
Stan Lee’s
Monsters, Mutants and Marvels
individually) and
was quite happy
with it. This time, I want to give the Superbit
edition a try.