6 replies on “Greatest Science Fiction Hero Tournament: Week 18, Round 1”

  1. J_W_W says:

    Original Trilogy Han Solo, Above Average. New Trilogy Han Solo, Below Average…

    • Yeah, he was a total stiff in Last Jedi.

    • zocalo says:

      Mostly, but he did go out on a bit of a high. Han would have realised that trying to turn Kylo wasn’t going to have any middle ground; he was either walking out of there with Ben at his side or going to die trying, and quite probably the latter. I actually see the scene as a rip-off of the bit in ANH where Kenobi distracts Vader so that everyone else could make it to Falcon and escape – he went in expecting to “fail”, but by doing so would allow the others to complete the mission. Pretty heroic move there.

      The rest though… yeah, definitely a bit meh.

  2. Jethro says:

    Yet another week where a character reminds us how unbelievably well written, not to mention well acted, Babylon 5 was. I think G’Kar might have had one of the best character development arc in TV Science Fiction history.

    • J_W_W says:

      Yeah, I hope he can make it far in this contest.

      In fact, because of his story arc and what he had to do, it could be argued he was the MOST heroic off the Babylon 5 characters.

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