3 replies on “Greatest Science Fiction Hero Tournament: Week 24, Round One”

  1. I am still surprised by The Doctor as different entries, but I am not sure he shouldn’t be. Then again, should Chris Pine’s Kirk be different that Shattner’s? The characters grew up in different universes…

    • I get your point, but I can see why we would do it this way. The Doctor becomes a fundamentally different character each time he regenerates. Pine was trying to be some version of the Shatner Kirk.

      • Oh, I wouldn’t change it, really, but it’s a tough line to draw. Pine and Shatner’s Kirks grew up different, the same way the MCU’s Ned isn’t the Ned Leeds from the comics, or Stan Lee’s Batman isn’t Bruce Wayne isn’t Thomas Wayne. That said, Chris Evan’s Cap should be the same as the 616 Cap. But is Dr. Gregory House the same as Sherlock Holmes? And is Johnny Lee Miller’s Sherlock Holmes (Elementary) the same as Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock Holmes, or even Robert Downey Jr.’s?

        Eh, I give up. I am just going to enjoy the polls. :)

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