Giles’ show quieter and "grown up"

Erf writes, Sci Fi Wire is reporting what Joss Whedon has said about Giles’s Buffy spinoff: it’ll be a “grown-up, quiet show about a cool, grown-up, non-teen-age man quietly solving ghost stories.”

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  1. Giles
    I’ve Very, Very Happy With This Idea, Assuming, Of Course, That Anthony Stewart Head Doesn’t Leave Buffy. I Don’t See How They Could Do that And Keep Continuity Up, But I’m Sure Joss Will Come Up With Something. In The Meantime, I’m Just Hoping For a Showing Here In The US Someplace.

  2. TV Icon
    And How About A Buffy Icon? Maybe Just The BVS Logo, Or A Wooden Stake.

  3. Noted….
    As soon as I find an appropriate, small piece of clip-art, I’ll do so.

  4. Spin offs
    Whats with the second spin off of Buffy? You can only pull so many main characters into their own series before things go downhill. I don’t know if I can see this working, but I’m sure they’ll get their ratings from Buffy junkies like Lex ;)

    How many others series’ have had more than one spinoff on the air at the same time?

  5. Spin Offs
    Starbreez: Star Trek.

    Four Spin Offs, One Animated, And A Series Of Movies.

    Also, Instead Of Killing Off Characters, They Can Just Move Them To their Own Show. That’s Basically What They Do. In Buffy, They Wrote Faith Off The Show by Sending Her To Jail. If They Want, They Can Have Her Cleared, Or Sprung, Or Something To That Effect, And Give her A Show. They Can Do All Flashbacks And have Giles Remembering His Ripper Days, And Thus Have Him To Both Shows. There’s Plenty Of Ways To Spin Off A Show Without Actually Stealing One Of The More Important Characters. The Way Buffy’s Gone Lately, They Could get By Without Giles, Or Could Even Just Replace Him With Another “Watcher”.

    And Why Am I Having THis Sort Of A Conversation Here, When I Am Also Chatting With You In #silence?

    And For A Buffy Icon:

  6. Eye Candy Redux
    Otay, after a bit of cropping, and reducing the image palette so the image isn’t biggish, done. You’ve got yer Buffy logo. Happy? :)

  7. Logo
    Yes I Am. I Feel Like I’ve Had A Possitive Effect On A Web Based Community.

    I Feel all Tingly, But I Think That’s Because I Have My Foot On An Ungrounded Powercord.

  8. An interesting idea
    I think the idea of a second Buffy spin-off is a good idea. Giles has always been one of my favourite characters and it would be interesting to see him doing his own thing rather than just being ‘The Watcher’.
    From what I heard he`ll still be in Buffy but to a lesser extent. But if he`s got his own show we`ll have all the Giles we need.
    But you can only make so many spin-offs from one show. I think ‘Watcher’/’Ripper’ should probably be the last Buffy spin off. There aren`t really any more characters left that are interesting and deserving enough of their own series, except for Faith but we won`t go there cos I`ll just get on my soapbox and I can go on for hours about how she deserves her own show or atleast the position of regular on Angel, it wouldn`t work having two slayers on Buffy. Oops, told you i`d get on my soapbox :)

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