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    • Luke Skywalker is a great hero. The character seen in The Last Jedi is not Luke Skywalker.

      But TWO Star Wars vs. Babylon 5 matchups! Not fair!!

        • The man who saw a sliver of good in Darth Vader does NOT attempt to kill his nephew because he sees a sliver of bad in him.

          That is a fundamental flaw in not understanding the character of Luke Skywalker on the part of the screenwriter. Mark Hamill even noticed this.

          • It’s a fair point, but I wonder if it’s an age thing.
            Obi-Wan would have been willing to see Vader killed on a couple of occasions.
            Luke has lived alone for some time, growing older. He may view things differently.

            I may be overthinking things. In the end, I’m not a huge fan of the post-original trilogy movies. I liked Rogue One, and I think the most recent films are better than the prequels, but yeah, I would call it a change to the character that might be explainable, if not laudable.

          • He didn’t attempt to kill him.

            The thought crossed his mind for an instant, and was gone. He never actually made an attempt, nor was he going to.

            • But even you said you are tired of Luke Skywalker. Why is that?

              My contention is that he went from a well established character going through the classic heroes journey to a wretched old hermit.

              You could claim Obi-wan did the same, BUT when the time came Obi-wan took Luke under his wing and started Luke on his journey.

              The Luke in the Last Jedi couldn’t even be bothered to train Rey for more than a couple of minutes.

              The Last Jedi purposefully deconstruction Star Wars. And having deconstruction a key story that I loved, I came to the realization that now, I just don’t care about Star Wars anymore.

              It takes an epic amount of nihilism to destroy a fan that loyal, but the makers of The Last Jedi managed it.

              I will note that while you aren’t as down on the new trilogy as I am (I agree however that Rogue One was a good movie) both you and JD aren’t exactly expressing excitement about Star Wars.

  1. This was a hard one, and it made me do something I was sure I would never due… I voted against The Doctor.

    …but now I really want to see a version of the Doctor as played by Sir Patrick Stewart.

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