A quieter episode dealing with fallout from last week’s massacre, but within the last few minutes we really get set up for

Title: “the dreaM”

Director: Robert Duncan McNeill
Writer: Carly Soteras


Stephen Moyer as Reed Strucker
Amy Acker as Kate Strucker
Sean Teale as Marcos Diaz / Eclipse
Natalie Alyn Lind as Lauren Strucker
Percy Hynes White as Andy Strucker
Coby Bell as Jace Turner (credit only)
Jamie Chung as Clarice Fong / Blink
Blair Redford as John Proudstar / Thunderbird
Emma Dumont as Lorna Dane / Polaris
Skyler Samuels as Esme Frost / Sophie Frost / Phoebe Frost
Grace Byers as Reeva Payge (credit only)
Kate Burton as Dr. Madeline Risman
Anjelica Bette Fellini as Rebecca / Twist
Kathryn Erbe as Aunt Dane
Ken Kirby as Noah



In attempts to stabilize Reed’s powers, Reed, Caitlin and Lauren meet with Dr. Risman, a doctor who treats patients with debilitating X genes. However, Lauren finds out Dr. Risman is not who she thought she was. Following the Inner Circle’s bank ambush, Thunderbird and Blink continue to work together to chase them down. Meanwhile, Polaris reflects on her troubled relationship with her father and takes steps to protect Dawn from the Inner Circle. (From Trakt.)

High Point:

We get a character in the comic book costume at the end!

Low Point:

Getting to that point was very forced.

The Scores:

Originality: 4/6 This feels like a new direction, and we do not often run into the X-gene when it isn’t granting amazing super powers, so it is nice to explore the dark side of mutation.  However, we also find out the end goal for the institute, and we have seen it, in X-men, repeatedly.

Effects: 5/6 The effects weren’t as jarring this time, and some where downright subtle.

Acting: 6/6 Everybody nailed it this week, and conveyed their motivations pretty well.

Production: 5/6 Everything felt a lot tighter for this episode.

Story: 5/6 Reed has finally gotten somewhere so that his story is interesting.  They also are clearly taking the baby off the table, though the excuse seems flimsy.  Why does the baby have to go away but the mom and dad can’t follow?

Emotional Response: 5/6 This week was much more engaging.

Overall: 5/6 It seems that the last episode was the climax to their first storyline, and this one is set to go in a better direction.

In total, “the dream” receives 35/42.