4 replies on “Greatest Science Fiction Hero Tournament: Week 41, Round 7”

  1. We worried we would get “Doctor vs Doctor.”
    Instead, we might get a 1991 Usenet “Battle of the Captains.”

    • What’s funny about that (well, “funny”) is there are probably many people out there (though likely not on THIS particular forum) to whom “Kirk” and “Spock” mean something completely different than they do to us…

    • Also hoping to avoid a re-run of the 1991 Usenet “discussion”, which basically boiled down to the question of “which series are you old enough to have watched first?”

      After all the comments in recent weeks, I was kinda hoping for a B5 vs. Trek showdown. G’Kar’s style of heroism vs. Kirk’s could have been a really interesting choice, but I guess we have too many people who didn’t watch B5 for that to happen. Ripley vs. Kirk could still be interesting though, if it goes that way; pretty sure I know which one I’d rather have at my back, especially if packing an M41A Pulse Rifle…

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