These are some of the highlights of the silver screen
offerings for the New Year.

Once again, it’s time to take a look ahead at some of
the films due
out in 2005. This is not a comprehensive list by any
means; I’m just
culling through the ones the IMDB
lists with definite release dates in the next few
months. Release dates are subject to change without


  • January 7 – White Noise: A story about the
    communicating with the living.
  • January 14 – Elektra: The
    Daredevil spinoff. The
    screen writer is an unknown, but the director is Rob
    Bowman (who also
    directed X-Files: Fight the Future and
    Reign of
    ), so it seems like a good place to use
    those gifts
    certificats I got for Christmas.
  • January 28 – Hide and Seek: Based on the
    description, this
    may or may not be genre, but it looks interesting
  • January 28 – Alone in the Dark: A movie
    about a paranormal
    detective starring Christian Slater and Tara


  • February 4 – Boogeyman: The Boogeyman is
  • February 18 – Constantine: In another
    comic book
    adaptation, Keeanu Reeves investigates the
  • February 18 – Son of the Mask: Jamie
    Kennedy and Alan
    Cumming are pretty likeable in most things, but I
    have a bad feeling
    about this one.
  • February 25 – Cursed: Friends band
    together to protect
    themselves from a werewolf.


  • March 11 – Robots: A CGI film with the
    voice talents of
    Robin Williams, Ewan McGregor, Halle Berry, Mel
    Brooks, Greg Kinnear,
    Drew Carey, and Amanda Bynes.
  • March 11 – A Sound of Thunder: A great
    cast goes back in
    time to hunt dinosaurs and botches things up.
    Inspired by a Ray
    Bradbury short story.
  • March 18 – The Ring Two: It’s a sequel.
    What more need
    you know?
  • March 18 – Steamboy: I hadn’t heard of it,
    but it sounds
    like it has promise. Anime.


  • April 1 – Sin City: Based on the comic
    book, and
    co-directed by creator Frank Miller, so it should be
    an accurate
    adaptation to say the least.
  • April 8 – The Cave: A monster under the
    water story.
  • April 15 – The Amityville Horror: A remake
    of the


  • May 6 – The Hitch Hiker’s Guide To The
    panic. The teaser trailer convinces me that they are
    familiar with
    the major story elements and with some of what fans
    love about it.
    Hopefully, that’ll translate into the rest of the
    film, too.
  • May 19 – Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of
    the Sith:
    Thursday opening this time, which is an interesting
    choice. The
    previous releases were all on Wednesdays. A
    Wednesday release usually
    indicates faith in word of mouth advertising to fill
    the seats over
    that crucial first weekend. A Thursday release does
    that, too, but if
    the Thursday’s a holiday, then it gives the
    filmmakers a chance to
    break opening day box office records because matinee
    screenings will
    be more readily available. They’re going for
    marketing based on
    income for this one. As of today, there are no other
    films slated for
    release that week, and no genre releases for the rest
    of the month.
    Nobody expects to be able to compete with it, which
    is another good
    sign about the studio-side word of mouth. This may
    well be the best
    of the prequels, but will it compete with the


  • June 10 – The Adventures of
    Shark Girl and
    Lava Boy in 3-D:
    A boy’s imaginary superhero
    friends come to
  • June 17 – Batman Begins: This
    is looking good so
  • June 29 – War of the Worlds:
    The latest
    collaboration of Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise gets
    a Wednesday
    opening. This is my prediction for the gargantuan
    hit of the summer,
    although it certainly won’t be a strictly accurate


  • July 1 – Fantastic Four: I love the
    comics, but I’m not
    sold on the casting, director, or screenwriter.
    Expect a review.
  • July 1 – Undead: A zombie flick.
  • July 8 – Bewitched: Nicole Kidman and Will
    Ferrell are the
    leads in this TV-show-turned-movie.
  • July 15 – Charlie and the Chocolate
    Another Tim
    Burton/Johnny Depp collaboration. Should be
  • July 22 – The Island: Sounds like a
    dystopia with a
    promising cast of Ewan McGregor, Scarlett Johansson,
    and Steve
    Buscemi. Directed by Michael Bay.
  • July 29 – Stealth: Another “A.I. gone
    evil” story.


  • August 5 – Doom: Based on the id software
  • August 19 – Zu Warrios: The entire
    description reads:
    “Soldiers fight to save the universe in ancient
    China.” It was
    purchased for distribution in a package deal with
    Crouching Tiger,
    Hidden Dragon
    , Shaolin Soccer, and


  • September 2 – The Woods: A horror film
    about something
    creepy in the woods next to a private girls’
  • September 16 – A Scanner Darly: Keeanu
    Reeves and Winona
    Ryder star in this Philip K. Dick adaptation. The
    book has been
    tempting me for some time.
  • September 23 – The Corpse Bride: A dead
    woman wants some
    action. Another Tim Burton / Johnny Depp
  • September 30 – Serenity: You can’t take
    the sky from me,
    but Timeshredder went and claimed the review before I
    did. You can
    expect a few Bureau 42 authors to be in line opening


  • October 7 – The Wallace and Gromit Movie: The
    Curse of the
    Wallace and Gromit on the big screen.
    I’m sold.
  • October 14 – The Fog: A ghost story in
    time for
  • October 21 – Land of the Dead: Directed by
    A. Romero.


  • November 4 – Chicken Little: The sky is
  • November 18 – Harry Potter and the Goblet of
    A great
    book that will be difficult to effectively adapt to a
    2.5 hour
  • November 25 – The Brothers Grimm: Like
    , but with magic, and possibly not a
  • November 25 – Zathura: A house gets
    blasted into space.


  • December 9 – The Chronicles of Narnia: The
    Lion, the Witch, and
    the Wardrobe:
    A fantasy classic hits the big
  • December 16 – King Kong: The remake by the
    man who brought
    us The Lord of the Rings. Expect a