Comic Television Discussion – Week beginning 13 January 2019

Oh, there you are!  The midwinter break has come to a close and we are seeing the regular comic television return.  The Gifted weathered the winter weather better than others, even if the Bureau42 reviews did not.  That Reviewer really needs to stop messing with time lines and just post the reviews already.  The Flash has raced back to us first, with what is sure to be some sound uses of physics and technology.  Arrow thought he was out, but is pulled back in.  The Gifted has the Mutant Underground reorganize, and the Riverdale teens deal with Veronica’s father’s takeover.

Also, Netflix is giving us Season 2 of The Punisher before the inevitable annunciation of its cancellation, and in case you wanted something non-comic related, there’s a new Star Trek: Discovery.  Though if you wanted something non-comic related, you probably are in the wrong thread.

[All synopses (and titles) from or IMDB below the cut, except there really aren’t any.  (If a show’s synopsis is a spoiler to you, do not click More…)]

Supergirl – S04E10 – Suspicious Minds – (Returns 20 January 2019) – Colonel Haley is upset after Supergirl responds to a distress call from a Navy ship that turned out to be a deadly alien attack. Colonel Haley reclaims the site as DEO territory and demands that Supergirl step aside. After Supergirl refuses to be told what to do, Haley refocuses her energy on finding out Supergirl’s true identity and begins to interrogate all DEO agents, including Alex. Meanwhile, Brainiac-5 tries to persuade Nia to embrace her superpowers but she misinterprets his motives.

The Flash – S05E10 – The Flash & The Furious – While Nora grapples with the revelation that Thawne killed her grandmother, Team Flash must stop the formidable team-up of a newly sprung from jail Weather Witch and Silver Ghost, a new meta-tech villain who can control engines and motorized technology. Meanwhile, Caitlin and Cisco discuss creating a meta-human cure.

Arrow – S07E10 – Shattered Lives – Oliver wants to get back to work and focus on his marriage, but Dinah wants him to track the new Green Arrow; Diggle and Lyla must answer to ARGUS about Diaz.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – S04E09 – Lucha de Apuestas – (Returns 1 April 2019, allegedly)

Black Lightning – S02E10 – The Book of Rebellion: Chapter Three – (Returns 21 January 2019)

The Gifted – S02E12 – hoMe – With the Inner Circle and the Purifiers on the rise, and the nation more divided than ever, the dream of the X-Men is on the verge of failure. In attempts to revive the Mutant Underground, Evangeline proposes a country-wide meeting. Meanwhile, Lauren and Andy continue to disagree in their dreams and the Frost Sisters attempt to intervene. Caitlin makes the risky suggestion of connecting with a family member for vital intel, and Lorna tries to secretly investigate Reeva’s plans for the Inner Circle. (See Bureau42 for a review.)

Riverdale – S03E09 – Chapter Forty-Four: No Exit – With Riverdale in disarray following Hiram’s takeover, Veronica leads the charge against her father; Jughead confronts a group of desperate Serpents; Archie is forced to face his demons.

Marvel’s The Punisher – S02 – Former marine-turned-vigilante Frank Castle has been living a quiet life on the road until he suddenly becomes embroiled in the attempted murder of a young girl. As he is drawn into the mystery surrounding her and those in pursuit of the information she holds, Castle attracts a new target on his back as new and old enemies force him to confront whether he should accept his destiny and embrace a life as “The Punisher.”

Star Trek: Discovery – S02E01 – Brother – The crew of the U.S.S. Discovery joins forces with Captain Pike to unravel the mystery of seven mysterious red signals that have appeared across the universe.