The first week of January is always light in terms of
new product releases.

First, the genre releases:

Then, the non-genre releases:

  • Big
    : A comedy based on the works of Dave
    Berry. Very
  • Four
    : This experimental film about a bellboy had
    a different
    director for each room the bellboy visited. I’ve
    never actually seen
    how the final product turned out, but I’ve been
  • Harold
    Kumar Go To White Castle
    : A buddy comedy from
    last year that I
    haven’t seen.
  • In
    : A multiple Oscar winner.

The idea behind the inclusion of the “Pick of the
Week” was that I’d
be able to point people to a product which I felt was
reliable for
quality. It may or may not be well known, and may or
may not be
popular. I ran into something this week that I
didn’t expect. In
fact, I’ve been keeping track of new DVD releases for
over two years,
and haven’t hit this problem before. Of all the new
releases this
week, there is a grand total of one title I have seen
before. While
Big Trouble is good, I don’t think I can
justify calling it
the pick of the week without a little more
familiarity with the
competition. Therefore, there is no official pick of
the week this