Populate the Villain tournament

This year’s tournament will be about finding the greatest science fiction villain in movies, television, and video games. (Comic books, novels, and fantasy characters will have their own future tournaments.) Zocalo had a great idea: you can look at the current roster here, and submit new ideas with this form. The first question is required, but all others are optional, so you can submit several at a time.

8 replies on “Populate the Villain tournament”

  1. There’s a lot of Dr. Who and Star Trek villains. Maybe a sub tournament would be on order for them.

    • It really doesn’t take a lot to sift through them. Remember, Round 1 winnows 500+ names down to 128. Also, we’re still getting a lot of suggestions from the fantasy genre (Game of Thrones, Buffy, etc.) so I may add them in.

      Really, I wish I had the coding skills to do this in a very different way, with ongoing voting and ranking by individual Bureau 42 readers that also populate a “master” list of characters. I have the pseudocode worked out, but my formal programming experience in FORTRAN 77 is not well suited to making a WordPress plugin that does the job.

      • I am to blame for some of those. I started filling it out after a drink or two and forgot the parameters, and also didn’t think to check the existing submissions. Sorry for the added headache!

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