“A Scanner Darkly” images

One of the movies of
we mentioned the other day is A Scanner
, an adaptation of Philip K. Dick starring
Keanu Reeves. Well, Ain’t It Cool News has some
great looking images from the movie (and of the cover
of the most readily available printing of the book)
that look fantastic. Check
them out.

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  1. a-ha
    Oh great, now I have “take on me” stuck in my head…

    So, how much of the movie is gonna be in rotoscopy? All of it, or just what he sees when he puts on that funky helmet? I’m not familiar with the book, and since there’s a movie coming out, if I want to read it I’ll do it after I’ve seen the adaptation. Though IIRC, I like the K. Dick stuff better in movie adaptations than in the original format… he’s got good ideas, but I vaguely remember not liking his writing style.

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