WB Announces Fall Schedule

The WB made its official announcement of its fall schedule yesterday. The details are available from the Hollywood Reporter here. In terms of sci-fi and fantasy, Monday night has “Angel,” Tuesday has “Smallville,” Thursday has “Charmed,” and Friday has “Sabrina, The Teenage Witch.”

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  1. Oops, forgot to mention
    As you can see from that link, the WB has chosen to drop Roswell. UPN has expressed interest in picking it up, but no official announcement has been made.

  2. Angel
    Yes, It’s Buffy Related, So Of Course I’m Going To Post. 8^)

    Anyways, I Noticed They Moved Angel Off From Right After Buffy (Since I Read Somewhere That UPN Was Going To Keep It On The Same Time To Ease The Transition). I Wonder If They Are Doing This To Make Angel Stronger On It’s Own, And Help It Get Out Of Buffy’s Shadow (I Always Thought It Was A Better Show), Or If It’s Just Plain Stupidity. They’ll Loose A Lot Of The People Who Watch Angel Just Because It’s Buffy Related And After Buffy (From What I’ve Seen, Most Of The Buffy Fans Don’t Care So Much For Angel).

    That And I Guess I’m Going To have To Have A Buffy Night And An Angel Night.

    At Least They Didn’t Put It On Exactly Opposite Buffy, That Would have Sucked.

    And We’ve Seen WB And ABC, Where’s UPN?

  3. UPN – not yet…
    So far as I know, the UPN and Fox schedules haven’t yet been officially announced. As soon as they are, one of us will probably jump on it. :)

  4. UPN and Fox
    UPN and Fox make their announcements tomorrow. I’ll be watching. :)

    The CBS official announcement is likely to come tomorrow too, as CBS and UPN are likely to coordinate as both are owned by Paramount.

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