There’s another extremely light week this week. You
may want to browse the older release shelves on

First, the genre releases:

  • Catwoman:
    Generally considered the worst choice in Halle
    Berry’s career, I’m
    tempted to pick it up under the same impulses that
    lead me to buy
    Santa Claus Conquers the Martians and
    Plan 9 From Outer
  • Farscape
    Season 1, Starburst Collection 2
    : This is the
    second Starburst
    edition, a rerelease of episodes at a lower overall
    price point.
    (It’s under $25 for seven episodes.)
  • Farscape
    – The
    Peacekeeper Wars
    : This miniseries wrapped up (all
    of?) the loose
    ends of the suddenly canceled series.
  • The
    : This Julianne Moore thriller was
    originally released
    last year.

Now, the non-genre releases:

  • I
    Have Found
    : A Bollywood adaptation of Pride and
    . It’s
    being released by Kino International, a company I
    have a lot of
    respect for. The Bollywood films I’ve seen so far
    have all been goofy
  • Martial
    50 Movie Pack
    : Digital 1 Stop has already
    released similar
    packages for science fiction, horror, comedy,
    mystery, hollywood
    legends, family, action, war, and movie all stars

Finally, the pick of the week. Once again, the
unexpected has
happened. I haven’t seen any of the new releases due
out this week.
I knew that theatrical business dies down after
Christmas in Canada
and the Northern U.S. because the weather and road
conditions take a
dive. I had assumed that the rental business could
take a lot more
punishment, but the number of actual releases in an
average week this
month is half of what it normally is. Based on
reputation alone, I’d
say the Farscape DVDs are your best bets.
Next week release
list is back up to its usual size, so we can expect
some good choices