Comic Television Discussion – Week beginning 17 March 2019

The season two return of American Gods was so distracting, last week’s post was completely missed.  (Feel free to talk about last week’s episodes here, as well.)  American Gods lets us see the trains we all know are circling the country and performing illicit acts of espionage.  Supergirl had already given us a new Superman for her universe, now we get to meet their `Lex, err… Lex.  Arrow goes into the future and stays there for the issue.  Black Lightning adds more metas, probably.  The Flash takes a trip out to the suburbs.  Outside of DC, Riverdale gets musical.

[All synopses (and titles) from or IMDB below the cut, except when there really aren’t any.  (If a show’s synopsis is a spoiler to you, do not click More…)]

American Gods – S02E02 – The Beguiling Man – Promising vengeance for the death of a beloved old god, Mr. Wednesday begins preparation for a great battle; Laura and Mad Sweeney chase Shadow’s diminishing light after he disappears.

Supergirl – S04E15 – O Brother, Where Art Thou? – Lex Luthor reaches out from prison to enlist Lena into one of his plans and will stop at nothing to get her on board, even if that means leveraging the life of one of her friends.

Arrow – S07E16 – Star City 2040 – Mia and William venture into the Glades on a dangerous mission. There they run into Dinah, Roy and Zoe who deliver some devastating news. The flash forwards share highlights from Mia’s childhood with Felicity.

Black Lightning – S02E16 – The Book of the Apocalypse: Chapter Two: The Omega – (No Synopsis)

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – S04E09 – Lucha de Apuestas – (Returns 1 April 2019, allegedly) – While the legends continue to find magical creatures Sara goes on a mission to figure out how to save her sister Laurel that died 3 years ago.

The Flash – S05E17 – Time Bomb – Team Flash finds out that a suburban mom named Vickie Bolen is in danger and they race to save her. Upon meeting her, they discover she’s a meta-human who is hiding her abilities from her family. Barry encourages Vickie to share her secret with her family, which makes Nora realize she needs to come clean with her parents about Thawne.

Riverdale – S03E16 – Chapter Fifty-One: Big Fun – As rehearsals for this year’s musical “Heathers: The Musical” get underway, Cheryl, as queen bee Heather Chandler, channels her own HBIC to deal with a recent fallout. Meanwhile, Betty grows increasingly annoyed by Evelyn’s involvement with the musical – as well as the lives of her friends. Elsewhere, Veronica learns some devastating news about her family, and Archie and Josie make a decision about their future. Lastly, Jughead makes a surprising move against Gladys.

Star Trek: Discovery – S02E10 – The Red Angel – See Bureau42 for a review.

The Orville – S02E11 – Lasting Impressions – The Orville crew members open a time capsule from 2015.

7 replies on “Comic Television Discussion – Week beginning 17 March 2019”

  1. At this point, shouldn’t we call this something other than “Comic Television Discussion?”

    I recorded Supergirl, which I haven’t been following. I’m interested in seeing what they did with Luthor, other than making him look a little more like Walter White (Heisenberg being a better look for Lex than Eisenberg).

    • Okay, okay, so I watched it.

      First of all, Lex’s nephew Lenny has grown up to be an impressive take on Lex Luthor, so we liked that chez nous.

      Large parts of the plot were confusing, but we haven’t been following the show, so that’s possibly our fault.

      BUT…. what is up with the super-comic-book science? I get the kryptonite cure, sure, but why do they have to needlessly introduce super-comic-book science that’s 1000000000x more ridiculous than regular ridiculous comic-book science? Lex turned the sun temporarily red? How the heck does that work? Also, could someone who’s been watching the show explain what happened to the mansion at the end? Was that a holographic mansion that lasted for years, had multiple levels, and functional weapons? ‘Cause that doesn’t make any sense at all.

      But they did give us a good Lex.

      Looking forward to Batwoman.

      • I have been watching and I don’t know what’s up with that mansion thing either. It may yet to be revealed or I’ve forgotten something.

        The plot itself mostly hangs together in context, at least as well as these things usually do on this type of show. One of the major plot points used tech that was introduced last season if I recall correctly and it *might* explain some things that have been bothering me about a couple of supporting characters. Much of the stuff I noticed that didn’t quite follow looks to be setup for things yet to come.

          • That threw me, too. I figured it was a version of the Image Inducers that they’d been using, but however it was done, it seems like a waste. “Hey, I drove out to the address for the technological genius’s house, but it’s missing. Do you think it’s hidden or moved? Oh well, probably the latter, I am not going to go the extra ten feet to find out.”

            Over all, Lex wasn’t bad, even if he went a bit too far into … well, evil mad scientist with a lot of comic book science to act nearly godlike. Nevermind, I guess that kinda is the definition of Lex Luthor, isn’t it?

    • At this point, shouldn’t we call this something other than “Comic Television Discussion?”

      Sure! What would you suggest? I was tempted just to call it “Genre Television”, but it’s really “Shows `Lex Watches He Thinks Bureau42 Would Care About”, which is why Blacklist or Blindspot don’t make the list.

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