You may have noticed the site being slow and weird and flaky. Or not. Either way, read on for boring technical details.

Fiziko: Please read the comments for an important message that I can’t deliver to you any other way at this time.

Details will be posted here shortly. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Update: A few weird formatting bugs, they\’re being worked on. Comments posted after about 10:15am Pacific time (1:15pm Eastern) are probably gone. Ditto for articles. Sorry.

Update, again: Okay, it looks like most things are working. Now for some catharsis. has been hosted, for years, by Dynup. Scrye\’s just a cool guy, even though I don\’t think he\’s ever visited this site.

Anyway, for some reason I can\’t presently work out, the database server on wizard (his machine there, where the site was actually physically located) has gone goofy. A couple of the database tables got corrupted, and things were just generally goofy. I tried to get in touch with him, no luck.

Meanwhile, a couple weeks back, I found an absolutely swell bargain on Dreamhost\’s hosting packages. They\’ve been around a while, and I\’ve not heard any bad things about them, so I snapped up an account on impulse. Shirley I\’ll think of something cool to do with it, I thought.

These two impulses collided earlier today. So the site has been spontaneously moved.

For the next couple days, while DNS changes and such propagate, things might be a little weird. So be it. The site is on an altogether better hosting service now, which doesn\’t cost very much at all, and most things appear to be working again.

There are a few glitches, I\’m sure, that will be de-kinked in the next day or three. If you see anything horribly broken that shouldn\’t be, please let us know by commenting on this article. Unless you can\’t log in for some reason, in which case you should probably email me instead.