“Venom” (2018) – Make Me Watch It #29

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6 replies on ““Venom” (2018) – Make Me Watch It #29”

  1. The whole family enjoyed the hell out of it. My only beef was the lack of connection to the larger MCU/Sony Spider-verse. But they left things vague enough to forge a connection later on, if they want. Otherwise, it might work standalone.

        • Agreed, but I consider those movies still worth watching. At least if you put out a movie whose primary character is one I know from a comic, I’ll see it. If it’s at least as enjoyable as, say Justice League, I’m satisfied. Venom made it pretty far over that bar.

          • Here’s an interesting debate: If the MCU movies didn’t exist, would we be as harsh and critical of the DCEU movies?

            • An interesting question, since the DCEU movies likely wouldn’t exist if not for the MCU, but, I think, if the MCU movies didn’t exit, the culture likely would retain the notion that superhero movies are for a niche audience, and that might get them a bit of a pass among the members of that audience.

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