Coto mentions Enterprise finale

Anonymous Coward writes, Coto has let slip the
following information about the finale (no plot
spoilers): “It’s a very cool story…Rick Berman and
Brannon Braga are writing it and if they want to
spoil it I’d rather have them spoil it themselves!”
He had to say it, didn’t he. Mind you, it is indeed a
momentous achievement for the Disaster Duo to write a
plot that doesn’t feature time travel – unlike the
finales of both Voyager and TNG.Read the article here.
(No plot spoilers.)

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  1. B&B had to write it…
    they had to write it. They couldn’t let their failure go by without taking one last stab at ruining a great franchise.

  2. The audience will forgive you…
    … if you have a good ending. Sorry, B&B, no forgiveness. You guys will write a CRAPPY ending.

    Yeap, rather than give good writers a chance for one more good episode of Enterprise, the wonder twins want to satisfy their selfish needs and write it themselves… knowing full well that their crappy stories and direction ran the Trek franchise into the ground.

    The article shows a couple of very cool TOS tie-ins that Coto invisioned. A friend of mine read a book that said that Trelane is a Q. Not John DeLance’s character specifically. The cloud city would have been very cool as well.

    More Tholians, introducing the Bolians, meeting a few old friends like Betazoids and Trill that are far from thier homes.

    We can think about what season 5 would have been but what’s the point.

    Thanks a lot B&B.

  3. That was before it got cancelled
    It’s interresting, but please note that he made those comments before it was announced that the show wasn’t going to have another season. So presumably thee plot for the series finale will differ somewhat from the plot of the season’s finale.

    There might be time travel yet…

  4. Hmm
    I submitted this news, so why am I being called an anonymous coward?! Thanks chaps.

    I actually liked Star Trek Voyager enough to put up with the many episodes of mindless Next Gen/Evil Holodeck/Time Travel repetition. I like the Voyager crew a lot more than those of the other Treks.

    Berman and Braga basically showed that they had given up on Voyager – a show that, in my mind, was only ever a footstep from redemption – by writing a trashy (if exciting) finale that made a mockery not just of everything that had happened in Voyager, but everything that had ever happened in Star Trek.

    Going by B&B’s laughable logic, the Enterprise finale will see certain crew members getting together romantically; the launch of a Constitution class starship; a complete wrapup of the Klingon and Romulan wars; plus a variety of other crap that we don’t want to see.

    Why couldn’t they let Coto, the man with the Midas touch, write a decent finale? I would have thought B&B would have realised they are the reason Star Trek is on its last legs, and Coto is the one man involved with the franchise who cares enough to be able to save it.

    Yet every time I read a B&B interview they are literally scratching their heads to find reasons why Trek is performing so poorly. “I don’t know; I just don’t know.” Way to run a programme, chaps!

    Maybe if they listened to the FANS who have supported Trek through hell and high water for 40 years, they might not be in this position.

    So this is it. Enterprise, the only Trek for a few years which could have broken the Star Trek mould, turned out to be the breaking of the last straw for the Disaster Duo.

    I bet Roddenberry is revolving in his grave.

    • This just in:
      Apparently Jonathan Frakes – William Riker, and also the best damn director Star Trek has ever had – has confirmed that he and his “Imzadi” Marina Sirtis will be appearing in the Enterprise finale.

      I thought time travel wasn’t involved? Pleeeeease don’t make another disaster like the Voyager episode 11:59, where we saw Janeway’s identical (in EVERY WAY) ancestor celebrating New Years Eve or some other award-winningly masterful plot.

    • Re: Hmm
      im sorry to say this, but they are listing to “the fans” but not “star trek fans”, let me explane, when STE came out and was sent to paramount to be put on the air, they sat a “focuse group” of californias and had them watch STE and after the episode was finished they were asked what they liked and diddn’t like. and they said “more action” “more T&A” “more gagets” “more speical effects”. And my favorate, i got this quote from a babylon 5 focuse group YEARS ago b4 the series came out “i don’t want to think to much when im watching the show, i just want to be entertained with something new everytime i watch” this person was ignored and kick out of the focuse group. This does not happened any more, B&B listin to these type of ppl and think they know what these so-called “fans” ( and i say that losely) are talking about just because when interviewing them to be in these focuse groups when ask if they know anything about star trek they say “yea, thats that show with captain spock and the gross klingon people, right?”
      B&B have no idea what they are doing and STE is a clear example of that.

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