As you may have noticed, I migrated the server for “Bedtime in the Public Domain” to podbean a few months ago. Now that the “X-Files Retrospective Podcast” is the only other active podcast, I am doing the same for all other Bureau 42 podcasts, including the upcoming “Bedtime in the Public Domain.” For purely financial reasons, instead of using a dedicated feed for each podcast, everything else will be in the Bureau 42 Master Audio podcast feed. The new RSS for that feed is iTunes is updating the link now, and Stitcher should follow shortly. The “Bedtime in the Public Domain” episodes have been removed from that feed because there is a 999 episode limit, and there are already 781 podcasts released through Bureau 42, or scheduled and pending. That’s… more than I had expected, to be perfectly honest. Also, since new podcasts don’t need to fit in a new box or be part of some ongoing series, you can expect random one-off stories to come through now and again. Questions will be answered in the comments.