Bureau 42 Podcast Feed Migration

As you may have noticed, I migrated the server for “Bedtime in the Public Domain” to podbean a few months ago. Now that the “X-Files Retrospective Podcast” is the only other active podcast, I am doing the same for all other Bureau 42 podcasts, including the upcoming “Bedtime in the Public Domain.” For purely financial reasons, instead of using a dedicated feed for each podcast, everything else will be in the Bureau 42 Master Audio podcast feed. The new RSS for that feed is https://feed.podbean.com/bureau42podcasts/feed.xml. iTunes is updating the link now, and Stitcher should follow shortly. The “Bedtime in the Public Domain” episodes have been removed from that feed because there is a 999 episode limit, and there are already 781 podcasts released through Bureau 42, or scheduled and pending. That’s… more than I had expected, to be perfectly honest. Also, since new podcasts don’t need to fit in a new box or be part of some ongoing series, you can expect random one-off stories to come through now and again. Questions will be answered in the comments.

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  1. I figured it was something like that when I woke up to a 400+ badge on my podcast app…

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