Movie Discussion – “Son of the Mask”

A sequel that comes ten years after the original with
none of the original cast. It’ll be an uphill battle
to make it good. Did they succeed?

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  1. CGI people scare me
    are you kidding me, i can tell this movie will be bad just by the previews! CGI babies scare me. make it stop! :(

  2. I have a gauge
    I have a really good friend, with really bad taste in movies. Or at least what she likes, I typically dislike, and vice versa.

    In a word, she loved it.

    • Re: Quite possibly…

      …one of the most brutal reviews ever.

      When I watched the preview, no one laughed. Not a snort. Not a giggle, titter or chuckle. With a preview that unfunny, I knew it was going to be bad. But this seems to have found a new, undiscovered zone of bad. Have I seen it? No. Never. As in, never. Jamie Kennedy, with this film, might just become a major box office anti-draw (repulse?). He was well on his way anyway.

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