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  1. Alexius says:

    Buffy On UPN
    Well, It Looks Like Tuesday Is Going To Be “WB Night” On UPN. With Buffy And Enterprise, It Looks Like I’m Going To Have To Actually Figure Out which Of My Channels is UPN. I Can SEe Myself Becoming A Couch Potato (As Opposed To A Net Junkie) This Fall.

  2. Dave says:

    I knew that ST: Enterprise would almost certainly be a UPN show… I was hoping they’d go back to syndication, because then I’d have a chance of actually being able to watch it. (I only get Voyager via a friendly WB station, but I don’t think their contract to carry limited UPN programming extends past this year.)

  3. fiziko says:

    Lack of UPN
    You’re in better shape than I am Dave. I don’t have UPN or the WB where I am here in Canada. (They’re available, but they are two of three stations sold as a package for an extra $10 a month. They’re not worth it.) So far, all the major shows have been picked up by Canadian networks, but there’s no predicting who has them and when. For example, I currently get Angel on Thursdays on Space, Roswell Friday evenings (repeated on Saturday) on Space, Buffy on Saturdays on A-Channel and YTV, and Star Trek: Voyager on Saturdays. I never had a chance to see, say, Jack of all Trades.

  4. mbaker says:

    UPN woes
    I only hope UPN will stop pre-empting or time shifting their programming for local sports games. I’m worried that “Enterprise” will not gain a large audience due to this behavior. At least they could have an encore showing the same time each week (Sunday 1am, etc) so I don’t have to look for when the show is on all the time.

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