Bureau’s Breakroom’s Television Table – Week beginning 2019 June 23

If we can look up from that new game on our phones long enough for TV, we get Legion back for the last season.  Elsewhere, Handmaid and Swamp Thing don’t give us descriptions, again, while Sherlock and Joan work with a tech billionaire to start pre-crime.  The SHIELD Agents are are continuing their trip home.

[All synopses (and titles) from Trakt.tv or IMDB below the cut, except when there really aren’t any.  (If a show’s synopsis is a spoiler to you, do not click More…)]

Legion – S03E01 – Chapter 20 – David gains a following.

The Handmaid’s Tale – S03E06 – Episode Six – [No Description.]

Krypton – S02E03 – Will to Power – The Rebels gain advantage against General Zod. Seg goes head-to-head with Brianiac.

Elementary – S07E06 – Command: Delete – Tech billionaire Odin Reichenbach presents Sherlock and Joan with an extraordinary offer to help him with a program that can predict future crimes. Sherlock and Joan assist Bell when he tries to prevent a future crime of his own, as he races to locate a fellow NYPD officer planning a sniper shooting.

Swamp Thing – S01E05 – Episode Five – [No Description.]

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – S06E07 – Toldja – After finding themselves in yet another gambling dilemma, a mysterious stranger offers Enoch and FitzSimmons a ride home where, it turns out, two shrikes aren’t better than one.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones – S03 – When Jessica (Krysten Ritter) crosses paths with a highly intelligent psychopath, she and Trish (Rachael Taylor) must repair their fractured relationship and team up to take him down. But a devastating loss reveals their conflicting ideas of heroism and sets them on a collision course that will forever change them both. [From Wikipedia] (Be sure to catch Bureau 42’s Reviews!)

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  1. Elementary seems to be setting up for some variation of the reichenbach fall for this season. I mean, with a character name like Odin Reichenbach and all.

  2. While I am sure this goes without saying, Legion was weird.

    My daughter was there when we started the episode, and was insanely confused. The best explanation we could offer was that by the end of the episode you’d at least have an idea if what you watched. Not that it makes sense, just you’d have an idea.

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