3 replies on “Mars is Heaven – X Minus One #3”

  1. I enjoyed this story when it was in Dimension X. The Science is kinda missing from the story, as there is no reason this couldn’t be natives of an undiscovered island instead of a different planet, but the story really does capture the imagination.

    • For the science, keep in mind that the story is older than the first successful Martian probe, so this was much more consistent with what we knew when it was written than with what we know now.

      I should also mention that, in a run of about 120 episodes, there are 12 that were used for Dimension X as well, and another that we’re reruns, so we’ll have about 100 episodes of X Minus One by the time the run wraps up.

      • I am not going to fault them for not knowing, but I still thinks it’s funny how common fiction of that time had just assumed that all you have to do is get there but that *of course* you could just walk out onto an alien world and breath and enjoy the sunshine, and that the cover of darkness would be plenty to keep the natives (who obviously would be there) from detecting you.

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