writes, I watched Alien Siege tonight (aired
yesterday on SciFi), though it was a close call.
It’s really frustrating when stories have such
interesting possibilities, and completely throw them
away with tired old cliches.
vanyel has more to
say, which you can find below.

They could have really explored some major ethical
dilemmas here, and instead they treated it as a cheap
rehash of V. Sigh.

If you haven’t seen the previews or the show, a
technologically advanced, all too human, alien race
shows up and threatens to destroy the planet if we
don’t give them 8 million people to be killed to make
a vaccine for a virus that will wipe out their
species back home.

The possibilities were ripe:

1. Decision to fight or not when resisting would end
up with more people dead?

2. Does blackmail ever really end?

3. Political fallout of the governments caving
(though not without a fight glossed over during the
opening credits).

4. They got here via a one-way wormhole, sorta —
they could send ships with the vaccine back, but one
big enough to enable life to survive would somehow
result in earth’s destruction (though I never caught
a good reason why), so the aliens knew they were on a
one-way trip — they weren’t really intending to be
evil, just saving their race.

5. Would a culling actually help the human race?
Yeah, I can’t see that making it into a tv
show ;-)

6. Would some people volunteer? What would the
various government’s selection criteria be?

Alas, it was not to be…