Bureau’s Breakroom’s Television Table – Week beginning 2019 June 30

We get an extra day off this week in the United States to fire off Chinese inventions to celebrate Brexit 1776, the breakup with the country that is typically its closest ally.  We’ll need that extra time as Stranger Things season 3 drops.  Legion continues giving us his brand of artful crazy, Young Justice returns, the Handmaid still has a tail, Supergrandpa returns to his Zod controlled home on Krypton, Sherlock and Joan investigate the criminals’ criminal, Swamp Thing learns to talk, and the SHIELD Agents get their own Gah Lak Tus.

But serious, who cares, Stranger Things is back!

[All synopses (and titles) from Trakt.tv or IMDB below the cut, except when there really aren’t any.  (If a show’s synopsis is a spoiler to you, do not click More…)]

Legion – S03E02 – Chapter 21 -David prepares for a journey.

Young Justice: Outsiders – S03E14Influence – [No Description.]

The Handmaid’s Tale – S03E07 – Episode 7 – [No Description.]

Krypton – S02E04 – Danger Close – Seg and Adam return to a very different Kandor, while Val and his Rebels prepare a major offensive.

Stranger Things – S03 – One Summer can change Everything.

Elementary – S07E07 – From Russia with Drugs – Sherlock and Joan investigate the murder of a criminal who made his living by stealing from other criminals. When Gregson resumes leadership of the precinct, he suspects his interim replacement is responsible for one of his best detective’s suspicious departure.

Swamp Thing – S01E06 – Episode 6 – While Swamp Thing finds a new way to communicate with Abby, Matt learns the truth about Alec Holland and Avery pressures Woodrue to deliver results.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – S06E08 – Collision Course (I) – To face The Galaxy-Hopping Hate-Beast That Eats Planets, the team on Earth asks for help in all the wrong places. While back on the Lazy Comet, something weird is going on with Izel’s crew, and it’s not just the puffies.


Not listed:
Marvel Cinematic Universe – S03E10 – Spider-Man: Far From Home (Season Finale) – We can’t get that on the Breakroom TV, so it isn’t listed.

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  1. Shield is going somewhere interesting. After last week, I’m almost convinced that Sarge might actually *be* Coulson, just with a particularly shitty set of life experiences. I mean, the whole “toldja” thing was exactly what I would have expected from “our” Coulson in similar circumstances. I do still wonder how they’re going to reconcile their timeline with the MCU proper, though. Probably a massive retcon will be forthcoming at the start of the next season unless they do some sort of crazy time shenanigans, which is not entirely impossible or unprecedented after all. I’m not sure I trust Word of God on this, either, when he says “it’s pre-snap”. (And Engame did create a timeline branch where the snap never happened.)

    • Remember on Legends of Tomorrow where we found out that director was one of many clones that had been pulled out? I wonder if this isn’t something similiar. Not that Coulson was a clone, but that he’s a something, and Sarge is another of those somethings. Phil was the Coulson that earth got. Sarge is the Coulson that his homeworld got. Clark Gregg is the Coulson we got, etc.

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