I’ll be out of town this weekend, so the column is
going up early.

First, the genre releases:

Now, the non-genre releases:

Fox is also releasing a series of “starter sets” this
week, with a
handful of the first few episodes of several shows.
The sets are
cheap enough to sample a show that you are not yet
collecting, and
include a coupon to get a discount worth the price of
this set on any
complete season set of the same show. This week, sets
are available
for 24,
the Vampire
, Mary
Tyler Moore
, and The

Finally, the pick of the week. Stand
By Me – Deluxe
is a new release of the second best
Stephen King
adaptation thus far. It’s notable also for starring
two actors who
would later become visible in the genre, with Wil
Wheaton playing
Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next
, and Jerry
O’Connell playing leading roles in My Secret
Sliders, and Joe’s Apartment. It’s
a coming of age
story that works very well, and hardly feels like a
Stephen King work
at all.