writes, Doctor Who: The End Of The World
This received 36/42 from Eldhrin in total, with 4/6
for the overall score. That score would have been
higher had it been more than a one-shot episode. With
luck, they’re going the same route Buffy and
Smallville did, starting with some one-shots
to slowly build an audience, and then moving to longer
arcs after a few weeks.

Cast and Crew

Christopher Ecclestone as the Doctor

Billie Piper as Rose Tyler

Simon Day as the Steward

Yasmin Bannerman as Jade

Jimmy Vee as the Moxx of Balhoon

Zoë Wannamaker as Cassandra

Cammile Coduri as Jackie Tyler

Beccy Armory as Raffalo

Sara Stewart as the Computer Voice

Silas Carson as the alien voices

Written by Russell T. Davies

Directed by Euros Lyn

Originally shown on BBC One in the United Kingdom on
2nd April 2005


The Doctor takes Rose five billion years into the
future to witness the moment when the sun expands and
consumes the Earth. Unfortunately, somebody is
sabotaging the space station where assorted alien
dignitaries are gathered to witness the event.

High Point:

The Doctor’s backstory (although some might consider
this the Low Point, I think it’s got a lot of
potential if it’s handled correctly). This is clearly
going to be a thrust of the series, along with the
development of Rose.

Low Point:

Sometimes the Doctor seems just a bit too childish.
Last week I liked it, but this week it was a little
excessive in places. And the sonic screwdriver fixes


Originality: 4/6. A nice take on a fairly classic
murder mystery plot. The gathering of aliens showed a
mixture of classic and slightly unusual ideas.

Effects: 5/6. While not entirely perfect, Cassandra
looked fantastic, as did the giant alien head in a
tank. The external views, the views out of the station
windows and the destruction of Earth were also rather

Story: 4/6. It hung together, a nice twist at the end,
some suspense, a bit of tension… come on! What more
do you want? Oh yeah, some length please. We need a
bit more than a succession of single-episode stories,
I think.

Acting: 5/6. Zoë Wannamaker was flawless with her
voice acting. Everyone else’s interactions with the
entirely CG Cassandra seemed very natural and
believable. The Doctor’s response to Jade was spot on,
as was Rose on the phone.

Emotional Response: 5/6. There’s a lot of past pain we
don’t know about, and some deep ideas about the end of
the world and the fate of humanity. Through Rose and
the Doctor, we see some of their own feelings on the
matter, and can’t help experiencing them ourselves.

Production: 4/6. Some parts were better than last
week. The cuts were cleaner and felt more like they
were in the right places. The music was better. A
couple of scenes, though, looked like they were
straight out of classic Doctor Who, and didn’t quite
match up to the modern sophistication of the rest of
the programme.

Overall: 4/6. It almost got 5, but I’m not comfortable
with these one-parter stories. This one could’ve had
such greater depth with another episode’s worth of

In total, ‘The End Of The World’ receives