New “Smallville” Tonight

Just a quick reminder that Smallville starts
airing new episodes tonight, and that we probably
won’t see any reruns until after the season finale.

4 replies on “New “Smallville” Tonight”

  1. I believe I speak for everyone when I say…
    It’s about freakin’ time!!! Tonight’s episode looks great too.

    • Re: I believe I speak for everyone when I say…
      I believe I speak for everyone with TiVo when I say…I wasn’t going to think about it until tomorrow. :)

    • Re: I believe I speak for everyone when I say…

      Eh, not me, I’m afraid.

      The incredibly crappy storylines this season have, I think, cured me of my Smallville love. Hell, I still have the last four eps on my laptop waiting to be watched and I’m in no hurry. I’ll probably still download the eps and eventually watch them, but Lost has stolen my attention away from Clark and the gang. I find I really no longer care what happens.

      I think the writers have stumbled big time and the quality of the show has been going downhill for a long time now. It’s a shame, really, because the concept is ripe with potential, but they just keep squandering it on stupid plots like the “Lana is a reincarnated French witch” crap.

      Though Erica Durance and Alison Mack are still very cute and I love their roles, they’re just not enough for me to maintain more than a passing interest in this show.

  2. I’d just like to say:

    “Kill us both, Spock!”

    Yeah, I know: I’m quoting Xander misquoting a different episode from the one they riped off…er, I mean, drew inspiration from… yeah…

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