Batwoman Review – S01E02 “The Rabbit Hole”

Batwoman gives us our second episode, still trying to fill the Bat shaped hole caused by the character’s inspiration’s lack of television show, and also trying to prepare to fill the Arrow shaped hole that we will get later this season.  It’s early in its run, so I can’t say if they are doing it, yet.  I will need to see


Title: The Rabbit Hole

Cast and Crew

Directors: Marcos Siega
Writers: Caroline Dries

Ruby Rose as Kate Kane / Batwoman
Rachel Skarsten as Alice
Meagan Tandy as Sophie Moore
Nicole Kang as Mary Hamilton
Camrus Johnson as Luke Fox
Elizabeth Anweis as Catherine Hamilton-Kane
Dougray Scott as Colonel Jacob Kane
Brendon Zub as Chuck Dodgson
Giles Panton as Catherine’s Man
Gracyn Shinyei as Young Kate
Rachel Maddow as Vesper Fairchild (voice)
Ryan Hesp as Crows Agent #1
Ish Morris as Crows Agent #2
Bobby Magee as Retired Man
Ellie King as Retired Woman


Jacob Kane and the Crows up the stakes; Kate continues to look to Bruce Wayne’s legacy for guidance as Luke Fox inadvertently gets pulled into Batwoman’s vigilante heroics; Sophie and Kate are forced to team up.

High Point

Kate sits down to breakfast and lays out everything.  There are no secrets and nobody hiding any details except the tiny detail of the Bat-identities.  The lack of subterfuge is refreshing.

Low Point

This feels like the plot was written in bullet points, so the step from point one to point two is more forced and less earned.  It’s early, but it has a feel of a three season story that was crammed into the first small season order.

The Scores:

Originality: 2/6 The stories are all well trod territory, a family member thought lost is the bad guy, a different family member is a secret bad guy, Batcave: The Next Generation is the plucky and reluctant assistant.

Effects: 5/6  The show is dark, but everything happens in a way that you can tell what is happening.

Acting: 4/6 Each one delivers their parts believably.

Story: 2/6 If a car goes underwater, aren’t the flames doused, and therefor does not have a reason to explode?

Emotional Response: 4/6 The true identity of Alice is just doubtful and unproven enough to keep it interesting.

Production: 5/6 This fits in well with the production quality of the CW shows, with a crime torn, near-future setting.

Overall: 4/6 The show is still interesting, but hasn’t proven itself to be a long term hit.

In total, Batwoman, The Rabbit Hole, receives 28/42

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  1. I’m largely in agreement with this review. The show has a strong lead and a moderately interesting mystery, but it needs to do more to convince me I’m not just watching Arrow 2.0 except with a queer protagonist. The closing scene really feels like they’re going to retread old territory.

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