The Doctor returns Rose home to visit her mother. Then an alien
spacecraft crash lands in the middle of London and things start getting


Christopher Ecclestone as the Doctor
Billie Piper as Rose Tyler
Camille Coduri as Jackie Tyler
Corey Doabe as Spray Painter
Ceris Jones as Policeman
Jack Tarlton and Lachele Carl as Reporters
Fiesta Mei Ling as Ru
Basil Chung as Bau
Matt Baker and Andrew Marr as themselves
Rupert Vansittart as General Asquith
David Verrey as Joseph Green
Navin Chowdry as Indra Ganesh
Penelope Wilton as Harriet Jones
Annette Badland as Margaret Blaine
Naoko Mori as Doctor Sato
Eric Potts as Oliver Charles
Noel Clarke as Mickey Smith
Jimmy Vee as Alien
Steve Speirs as Strickland
Elizabeth Fost, Paul Kasey and Alan Ruscoe as the Slitheen

Directed by Keith Boak

Written by Russell T. Davies

Original Airdate

Originally broadcast on BBC One in the United Kingdom on 16th April


The Doctor returns Rose home to visit her mother, but the reunion is
interrupted when an alien spacecraft crashes in the River Thames.

High Point

The Doctor’s arrival at the hospital.

Low Point

Difficult to pick one. Probably some of the news reports. Yes this is a
situation we’ve not had before, but BBC news reporters just don’t talk
like that. A weakness in the script more than the performance,

The Review

Alien invasions have been done, but this is a nice, entertaining and
interesting twist on the theme. I give it four out of six for

The effects were down from last week. Some are exceptionally
obvious and fake-looking, while some were very convincing. I suspect
that to re-do the lesser effects with better ones would cost prohibitive
amounts of money; they’re that sort of effect. Three out of six.

It’s difficult to rate the story in the first half of a two-parter,
but it’s certainly proceeding well so far. They keep you guessing at the
start, then throw in plenty of interesting things later on with plenty still
to keep guessing about by the cliffhanger, although some things you
can see coming a mile off. Which is probably not a bad thing, for if the
entire story was unexpected the audience might start suffering from
shock. Five out of six.

Another week of good acting all round. Five out of six.

Well there’s not really any emotional response to the
cliffhanger itself, but the buildup to it is pretty scary, as is the UFO
crash; although this is perhaps more emotive to the English than
anybody else because it happens in the middle of London. That said,
the start of the episode is particularly poignant. Four out of six this

Generally good production. I didn’t spot anything that cried
out as being particularly wrong, although a few of the interior sets look
rather wobbly. Four out of six.

Overall, I like it and want to see next week’s episode
immediately. Five out of six.

And so after the breakdown we have a total score of thirty out of forty-
two. Not the highest of the series, but nonetheless an excellent
episode. I hope that the concluding part lives up to the promise set by
this episode.