Weekly DVD Picks – Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The sheer volume of releases is starting to pick up,
breaking the 400 title per week mark once more. (In
fact, there are 483 titles listed on Amazon.com for
this week.)

First, the genre releases:

  • Blade:
    : I finally picked up the original
    Blade, but I
    still haven’t seen any in the series.
  • Darkness:
    I don’t remember even hearing about this one, but it
    came out last year.
  • House
    : See the original, before they release the
  • Land
    of the
    Lost – Season Three
    : I’ve got my copy on preorder.
    This is the
    season when Rick vanished, and was replaced by Uncle
  • Lemony
    Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events
    : Jim
    Carrey seems to have
    finally realized the maturity level of his
  • Leonard,
    : No, they never made the first five. From what
    I hear, that’s
    the only possible explanation for how they got the
    budget to do number

Now, the non-genre releases:

  • Beaches
    (Special Edition)
    : A respected film I have no
    interest in.
  • Birth
    of a
    : Yet another release. It’s amazing to see
    how advanced the
    filmmaking was compared to the rest of 1915, and yet
    how backwards the
    actual content was. Truly bizarre combination.
  • Bless
    : The complete collection of an amusing
  • Boccaccio
    : A remastered and restored edition of a film
    I’d never heard
    of that has a great cast and crew. The directorial
    structure sounds
    somewhat like Four Rooms, including the likes
    of Federico
    Fellini. It could well be worth a look.
  • Divorce
    Italian Style
    : A Criterion Collection release of a
    comedy that
    sounds very interesting.

Finally, the pick of the week. Normally, I don’t pick
something I
haven’t seen. However, in this case, you don’t buy
the pick because
you like it. Rather, you pick this up because your
mother likes it.
An eight movie Doris
is being released just in time for
Mother’s Day. It’s
a good choice for the shoppers out there.

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  1. Darkness
    dear god, that movie was a complete waste of time. Fortunately only me and 2 other people ever saw it. So not too many people wasted their time.

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